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Editor, Paul Rosenberger

Editor: Paul Rosenberger


APRIL 18, 2014

Dave Freyling


Will Sudduth introduced our speaker, Dave Freyling, a long-time member and former president of Decatur Breakfast Sertoma, who came to speak about another long-term volunteer activity as an early member of the Macon County Honor Guard. He was wearing a shirt noting his current job as part of the Veteran’s Assistance Commission. During his presentation he distributed a booklet about the history, tradition and proper display of our USA flag (his passion), courtesy of State Rep. Bill Mitchell. Dave noted that in 1996 Rudy Escovar and Jim Parker (?) had reorganized a dedicated group of military veterans into the honor guard to be more professional. Several Macon County funeral homes donated to help the group purchase equipment and uniforms because they had had frequent requests for military honors for deceased veterans. When a family asks for these funeral services, at least 16 veterans from all branches of the U.S. military are required. They include seven for firing the three volleys for a 21-gun salute, six flag bearers, a chaplain, a player of Taps by the electronic trumpet, and a leader. In 2013 the guard performed 212 ceremonies, and already in this extremely cold year its members have responded to 114 requests. For health reasons, Dave resigned from the guard in December. A side note: Dave was the prime mover of petitioning the city to design and erect the veterans’ memorial monument near the Decatur Civic Center. Dave, we’re proud of what you have contributed to our community and thank you for sharing this good story with us today.



       April 22  – Service To Mankind Award Committee at 8:00 a.m. at Panera


       April 24  – EIU’s Scholarship Awards Dinner in Charleston


       April  25 Regular meeting at 7:00 a.m. at Scovill Banquet Facility


       April 25  – Pizza Party at Elmer & Mary Turner’s at time 6:00 p.m.


       May 6  –  Board meeting at 6:50 a.m. at Perkin







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APRIL 18, 2014


19 Breakfast Sertomans, but again no guests, arrived on time on a sunny Good Friday morning for our regular meeting to enjoy fellowship, a tasty buffet breakfast, and many important announcements. During introductions Dave Shields reported that Ron Wilson’s father, Paul Wilson, passed away on Wednesday, April 16, in Castle Rock, Colorado; Obituary:(COPY & PASTE) http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Paul-Wilson&lc=4566&pid=170677760&mid=5933583.
Alex Prather, our treasurer, distributed a few more fourth quarter dues statements. President Mick Hoehne conducted the meeting and gave the third reading of the nominations for 2014-15 board members as follows: Board Chair – Mick Hoehne; Club President – Chuck Shonkwiler; President-elect – Tom Smith; Sponsorship VP – Norm Jensen; Program VP – Will Sudduth; Membership VP – Lance Gauble; Social VP – Hugh Rowden; Sargent-At-Arms – Stu Hawbaker; Secretary – Paul Rosenberger; Treasurer – Alex Prather; At-Large Directors – Elmer Turner, Jami Bray, & Mike Boliek. After asking for additional nominations and receiving none, it was duly moved, seconded and passed unanimously by the quorum present to elect the presented slate. Congratulations to all.



VP Will Sudduth announced future speaker responsibilities: Next Friday, April 25, we’ll socialize. May speaker assignments: 2 – Bruce Logan; 9 – Mike Boliek; 16 – Mick Hoehne; 23 – Elmer Turner; 30 – Social (Note: one of these dates may be for the STM Award.)





VP Lance Gauble was present, but Jami Bray was not there to receive his new member packet. “Bring guests.” Jami is now working at DMH as a medical director.







VP Hugh Rowden passed around a signup list for our pizza party at the home of Elmer & Mary Turner at 7135 West Cantrell; eight couples have already signed up to bring pizza, salad or dessert. Alex Prather will bring the usual liquid refreshments. This is a great opportunity to invite a potential member and spouse to meet us.





VP Norm Jensen had no report. The Service To Mankind Committee met last Tuesday and selected Rene’ & Helen Corcoran as this year’s award recipients. The committee will meet with the recipients at Panera’s next Tuesday, April 22, at 8:00 a.m. to establish a Friday morning in May for the award presentation and to interview them to gather information for submitting an entry for the Illinois-Wisconsin District STM award. This Thursday evening, April 24, Verlyn, and I plan to attend as club representatives at EIU’s Scholarship Awards Dinner in Charleston where our two $1000 scholarship recipients will be honored. EIU organizers have invited up to four guests, so if any other couple (or two members) wishes to attend with us, call me (877-4789) by Monday noon so I can alert the EIU staff.




Sheriff Mike Borders had no late-arrivers to fine so immediately began asking a baseball trivia question now that the season has started. “In what year did the Seattle Pilots become activated and within a year were sold to what current organization?” After a few near misses, Jim May knew it was 1969 and Steve Wentworth knew it was the Milwaukee Brewers. Mike asked our guest speaker, Dave Freyling, to pull out a winning badge for the 50/50 prize money. Winner Mick Hoehne graciously offered to share the prize with Dave, who graciously refused it.



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