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Editor, Paul Rosenberger

Editor: Paul Rosenberger



MAY 22, 2015


                      Jennifer Dahn



Dick Virgin introduced Jennifer (Jenn) Dahn, President and Executive Director of Pawprint Ministries and also a part-time fitness instructor at the Decatur Athletic Club where Dick had met her.  He noted she and her husband, Michael, were MacArthur High School graduates.  They have two young children, Chloe and JordanJenn told us she had discovered her passion for helping others soon after she and Michael completed a disaster training program at a Lutheran Church.  The class was almost immediately called to help the residents of Washington, Illinois after the deadly tornado there in November 2013.  There they observed a team of eight ‘therapy dogs’ from Chicago working their ‘magic’ to calm many of the affected residents.  After researching other similar organizations she signed up with a California-based organization to take a two-week training and buy a dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever.  She brought this dog, Payton, with her today and described and demonstrated the calm temperament and obedience.  He was wearing his ‘work uniform’ a vest and a men’s necktie.  She showed us a power point showing Payton getting exercise, an important requirement to keep them healthy.  The pictures also demonstrated the acceptance of residents of nursing homes, schools, daycares, and hospitals where she has regularly scheduled visits.  These visits are free, but several sponsors have funded her services.  The Macon County Sheriff alerts her to special situations where ‘comfort’ is desired.  Jenn’s mother now owns Payton’s brother, Eli, and recently a corporate sponsor adopted another, JJ.  The approximate total cost of a trained dog is $15,000.  She told us she hopes to help other people create their own service and is already contracted to work with a person in Minnesota.  Thanks, Jenn, for sharing your passion about Pawprint Ministries (  We wish you continued good luck on your project. 




May 29 – Regular meeting at 7:00 at Scovill Golf Course

June 2 – Board meeting at 6:50 a.m. at Perkin’s
June 26 – Service To Mankind Awards Luncheon at Scovill Zoo Education Building

July 3-4 – Midnight Bingo at the Majestic in Mt. Zion



                               SOCIAL REPORT


VP Hugh Rowden had no report.  I’m looking forward to a Thursday evening to go to Yoder’s in Arthur sometime around July 1 for orientation of new members. 

May 22 2015


18 Sertomans and a guest, Lori Jensen, wife of Norm, came to Scovill Golf Course for breakfast, fellowship, and announcements, but especially to hear an interesting speaker, Jennifer Dahn, talk about a new local not-for-profit organization, Pawprint Ministries.  President Chuck Shonkwiler conducted the meeting; he always rings the gong at exactly 7:00.  During introductions I didn’t wait for the ‘wonderful, handsome’ sheriff, Stu Hawbaker, to speak so he grabbed an empty cup and ‘requested’ a quarter from me.  Bruce Logan ‘squealed’ on his fellow mortician, Larry Fouste, who was celebrating a big birthday that morning.




VP Lance Gauble bowed to Norm Jensen’s guest (wife, Lori) and said she’d be welcome as a regular member.  Looking ahead at the summer sponsorship projects, it’s obvious we need many volunteers and new members, so ‘bring guests.’



VP Will Sudduth was ‘scouting’ in Georgia, so Chuck reminded us that next Friday we’ll enjoy a social meeting.  June assignments: 5 - Mark Kennedy; 12 – Bruce Logan; 19 – Tom Smith.   Will plans to distribute future program assignments soon for the next Sertoma year beginning July 1.  Editor’s note: We have been having great programs this past year – let’s keep the ball rolling!






Sheriff Stu Hawbaker made a quick check for Sertoma pins, then asked a ‘horsey’ trivia question: “What’s the maximum number of letters allowed for racing horses?”  After 18 incorrect guesses, Stu, forgot to tell us the answer, EIGHTEEN.  My Google Search lists some other rules about names (see below).  Stu asked our speaker, Jennifer Dahn, to pull out a winner and she found Norm Jensen’s badge - did Lori bring him good luck?






VP Norm Jensen had no report.  I reminded attendees that the joint-club Service To Mankind Award Luncheon is on June 26 at the Scovill Zoo Educational Building; our morning meeting will be at noon that day.  Alex Prather reported that necessary permits for the July 3-4 midnight Bingo have been filed.  Now’s the time to put BINGO on your July calendars.  While you’re at it, add the Decatur Celebration dates – August 7-9.




************ THERAPY ANIMALS *************

(source: One Green Planet)

There’s no question that therapy animals are some of the world’s most unheralded heroes.  The ability of other species to help heal their human friends is nothing short of miraculous.  And help, they do.  From children’s hospitals to nursing homes to veteran centers, therapy animals do good works at all kinds of facilities and with all kinds of patients.


These relationships benefit the animals and humans, both, and often open people’s eyes to the amazing abilities of animals beyond traditional roles as household pets.  And today’s therapy animals aren’t just cats and dogs either.  These ‘medical professionals’ come in lots of different species these days, from llamas to pigs and beyond.  Many of them are rescue pets who come from difficult circumstances or abusive situations, yet they’re still able to offer unconditional love, trust, and compassion. 


************ RACE HORSE NAMES *************

The first rule of naming a horse is that a name may consist of no more than 18 letters, and spaces and punctuation marks count as letters.  Eighteen characters is acceptable (and is, in fact, a registered horse name) but Eighteen Characters is not.  Other ineligible submissions include names consisting entirely of initials; names clearly having commercial, artistic, or creative significance; names that are suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups; and names of living persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with The Jockey Club. 

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