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Last October Virg took an Honor Flight to Washington D.C. and came back overwhelmed. The trip was wonderful, but the overwhelming part was finding 400-500 people from Springfield with a bagpiper waiting to greet and cheer them when they arrived at 10:00 at night. He decided he would do something to promote the Honor Flight program. He brought John Dust, the Marketing Director of the Springfield Hub to help. Editor’s Note: I regret that I do not have more room to do justice to it, but here is Virg’s story.

The private Boing 737 left Springfield shortly after 4:45AM with a load of veterans and their guardians. On arrival Reagan National Airport they were met with fire trucks spraying the plane and 3 buses to take them around.

The first stop was at the WWII Memorial where they learned that 404,800 Americans had made the ultimate sacrifice. Next was the Korean Memorial with its stainless steel soldiers trudging along. It sounds like they have added holograms that appear and

speak as you walk along the Memorial. American deaths in Korea were 36,914. And the last stop was the Vietnam War where 58,209 men and women gave their lives. The wall is beautiful, but is a stark reminder of the terrible cost of war.

The rest of the day they went to the Lincoln Memorial; the Mall; the Air &Space Museum; the Iwo Jima U.S. Marines Memorial; and to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. Then it was home to the rousing welcome home at the airport in Springfield.

John Dust and the staff at the Springfield Hub are unpaid volunteer beggars. The Springfield Hub picked up our area when the Effingham Hub folded. He passed our brochures describing the Honor Flight in detail.
He would like us to help them Find Eligible Veterans; Make a Donation; Arrange a Presentation; and Help Raise Funds. They would like to make (6) Honor Flights this year. A Boing 737 leases for $55,000 a day.

Mike Presented Virg with a Certificate of Appreciation and Virg presented John Dust with one






Today we had 89 members, 2 guest, & 1 speaker for a total of 92.






No new names to add to our list today. The rest of you stay healthy and good looking. Keith

Pat Riley said that Les Allan had fallen and is rehabbing at the Hickory Point Christian Village.

Someone said that Dick Ferry was not doing well in HPCV. Someone else said that he was having trouble breathing and to remember him in our prayers.




50-50 - WINNER

First place winner was Leon Langhauser  and second place went to Pat Riley. Congratulations, folks.


 New Member Induction


Bill and Dan did a good job inducting David Johnson and Robert Lewis into the Golden K this morning. David was sponsored by Don Kamm and Robert was sponsored by Howard Dausman. Congratulations, and Welcome to you both.





I only want to tell you that, if you haven’t turned in your volunteer hours, now is the time to do this. You can turn them in at any time. There are lots of volunteer opportunities coming up.






George Hogg thanked those of us who took advantage of the Singing Valentines from the Decatur Chordsmen this year. He said you won’t be disappointed.

Pat Riley said that the “Come Together, Let’s Walk” cancer fund raiser will be the last Saturday in June. This year they will have a run also.

Don Kamm said the Golf Committee is getting started with the solicitation campaign to raise the funds for the tournament the end of May. They will have solicitation letters ready for pick up next week. What they need is help from the general membership with names of potential sponsors for the committee of contact. It is all about solicitation and last year we made about $3,000 less than the year before. Please help.

Susan Rayhill brought the Kiwanis gear for your perusal today as advertised. She is hoping she doesn’t have to carry it all back out. Susan has long sleeve polo shirts in men’s and women’s sizes for $20.00. She also has blue and gold sweat shirts for $20.00 and as well as the blue sweat shirts with a zipper for $30.00. She also lanyards for you to hang badges, name tags, and any articles under a half pound on for $1.00. Susan has golf gear and several types of caps and hats.

Steve Rayhill said that the Books for Kids program is coming up March 3rd and March 10th. It’s too early for me to get stressed, but maybe in about two weeks I will begin to uneasy. Right now we have 19 slots to fill.

Dan said DUES ARE DUE and I received a Thank You letter from the Salvation Army for our donation of $150. 00. AND we are going to need a new Secretary in September.

Charles also said that we were going to have a wine and cheese event to publicize the Golden K’s people and the work we do. It will be in the Parqueted Room in Millikin’s Richard Treat Center from 2:00-5:00pm February 28. We will be selling tickets to that event soon. The tickets are $10.00 and Cheryl Boss has them.



 Bill Hogg

David Johnson was a guest of Don Kamm and is joining the club! Robert Lewis was a returning guest of Harold Dausman and is joining also! Welcome to you both.


Bill Hogg


 It is sooo cold that………..

Lawyers have their hands in their own pockets." - Anthony Justice
"People are like, 'When I was a youngster -- nah, forget it, this is colder.'" - Pythagorus
"Cops yell 'thaw!' when chasing bad guys." - Manmohan Rai
"You're thankful for hot flashes." - Roxanne Worsham
"You don't mind when strangers rub up against you on the subway." - Paul Wiley
"You mop the floor and it turns to frost." - Karen Jones
"Donald Trump's hair freezes in place." - Renee Bailey
"Someone accidentally pours hot coffee on your hands, and you say 'thank you.'" - Mark Allen
"My lawn jockey asked to borrow a blanket." - Richard Dennehy
"I saw a greyhound bus and the dog was riding on the inside." - Jose Febres
"You heat up the milk for your Cheerios" - Gangga Darlenne
"The ice cubes in my drink have goose bumps." - Paul Meola
"Cows are giving ice cream instead of milk." - Nishant Gadani
"You eat ice cream to warm up." - Michael Ball
"Teenagers have pulled their pants up." - Dana Kantor

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