Courtney is a Director of Baby TALK and Coordinator for the Natural Playscape Project.

In 2010 Baby TALK received an Early Head Start grant to work with at risk children from age 0 to age 3.

 They have an enormous project that cannot be reported on adequately in these few lines.  The old Humpty Dumpty child care building is okay, but the playground needed scaling down for tiny hands and safe to eat.  They are creating a “Playscape” precisely designed for this age group.  Much of the ground work is already done and it is time to start the installation.

 With a great amount of planning and attention to details they have divided the Playscape into six areas. The items, the Company and the prices are listed and totaled.  They range from $4,850 to $5,818.  In total, a lot of money, but parceled out like this for a service club, business, or fairly wealthy individual, not so much.

Courtney listed the benefits that an outdoor classroom would bring to these at risk children.  It would be a healthy place to enlarge a child’s imagination, play with rocks, and get bare feet in the mud.  Rocks can be anything the imagination wants them to be.  Courtney said that 80% of the brain is developed by age 3.

 These children are at risk through no fault of their own because they have been put on a life path that, in most cases, does not end well.  To inspire one child to find a way to seek another path would be a great thing


Editor’s Note: When Baby TALK moved to the Red Cross building Golden K gave them $5,000 to remodel a bathroom.




Today we had 99 members, 1 Kiwanis guest,(Bill Meyer) and 1 Speaker for a total of 101.

50/50 winner

First place winner was Rease Binger and second place went to Linda Thomas  Congratulations, folks.



  Bob Fallstrom became weak at a Jazz Festival in Connecticut and was taken to the hospital.  He has recovered and is expected to come home today.  The rest of you stay healthy.  



Cheryl Boss


Cheryl thanked Courtney for reporting daughter’s reaction to getting a Dictionary.  She said that we had delivered 1224 dictionaries to 24 schools.  Cheryl said they would be collecting volunteer hours October 29 and there were several changes.  More information on that later.


 New Member Induction

Two new members were inducted today, "Dean" Gray and Gary Martin.  Congratulation and welcome to the best club in Decatur.




None today.





Rease Binger said that the sixth grade basketball program at the DISC kicks off at 3:15pm, November 18. We provide the money for that program and he would like to have 10 or more members to represent the Golden K at the ceremony. There will be a signup sheet on the table.

Don Wenneker said this is a heads up for the Salvation Army Toy and Food Christmas Program. They are doing it a bit differently this year. The Toy Distribution will be December 15,16 ,and 17. The Food Basket Distribution will be December 19. Signup sheets for all will be out in the next couple weeks.

Bob Bischoff thanked those who bought peanuts this morning and said there were only 12 bags left. Buy some on your way out. Don’t wait on your neighbor!

Don Meyer said that the Golden K had again been left out of the Telephone Pioneers announcement to the media regarding the recent school dictionary project. The described the efforts by the Pioneers to straighten it out with the media.

Gary Goeken presented Virg Deemer with the Walter Zeller Certificate of Appreciation that was not available when the announcement was made on September 24.

Dan said that we were sponsoring a Circle K club at Millikin. They have a Trick or Treat Box in the back for donations to UNICEF. They would appreciate any donations you desire to make.
Dan also said that Monday, October 27 would be the date for those who volunteer at the Good Samaritan Inn.
Dan reminded us of the Governor’s Luncheon at the Red Barn in Tuscola October 18 from 12 to 2:00pm. Lunch is $15.00. This will count as October’s Interclub.

Susan Rayhill presented Floyd Cooper with his plaque for accumulating 2,000 volunteer hours.
She thanked all who donated food or money to the Backpack Program this morning.
Susan said she would be bringing in all the Kiwanis gear next week and would not mind us relieving her of some of the weight. She has ordered some more sweat shirts with zippers that we may want to check out. Also some of the fishing hats should be in. And she has found out that you can order the shirts with a pocket. She also can order more of the volunteer pins with your name, volunteer, and Golden K on them. They are $7.00.

Joe Rayhill said that Thursday, October 23 is the next hoedown date at the Texas Roadhouse. They have what is called, in Florida, “Gray Army” prices that start at 4:00pm.

Charles Smith said just one more word one the Kiwanis Centennial Playground Project. The Iowa Illinois District, for a Centennial Project, has pledged to build a playground for physically challenged children just North of Chicago. Some of these kids have Spinal Bifida and have no place to play. They would like the district membership to provide around $100,000.00 to build it. The suggested level of donation and the reward is as follows: Playmate - $5:00; Swinger - $10.00; and Ding of the Hill - $15.00.


by Earl Rudolph

  A man was awaiting surgery that he had insisted his son, a renowned surgeon, perform. As the father was about to receive anesthesia, he summoned his son to his bedside. Don’t be nervous, son. Just do your best, and remember that if it doesn’t go well or something happens to me, your mother will come and live with you and your wife.

  A distraught senior citizen phoned her doctor's office. "Is it true," she wanted to know, "that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?"
"Yes, I'm afraid so," the doctor told her.
There was a moment of silence before the senior lady replied, "I'm wondering, then, just how serious is my condition because this prescription is marked 'NO REFILLS'."

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