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8th Grade Career Fair

The Partners in Education 8th Grade Fair has been around since 1999 and so has Renee. She has been the Director since 2008.

Partners in Education (PIE), a not-for-profit organization established in 1983, create partnerships between the Decatur Macon County business community and its schools. Governed by a coalition of leaders from business, industry, education, government and community, PIE identifies and implements projects that promote educational excellence in preparing students for the world of work. In 2008, the Richland Community College Board of Trustees voted and approved Partners in Education as a program of Richland Community College. Funding for PIE comes from local businesses, foundations and individuals. This support enables staff to provide an ongoing business presence within the education community.

Any business person or individual is strongly encouraged. Partners in Education has other Programs and activities too numerous to mention. Two of them are the Youth Leadership Institute and the Decatur Area College & Career Fair.

The whole idea of the 8th Grade Fair is to spark interest in students of all the occupations available so they can better plan their academic lives in high school. To accomplish this there will be seven clusters each with six occupations. The students will move every fifteen minutes. The clusters are Health & Human Services, Agriculture, Architecture & Construction, Business Management, and Manufacturing,

The dates of the 8th Grade Fair are January 6, 7, 8 and the 16. They are expecting 1500 students from the area. See Announcements section for more information on volunteering to help.



Today we had 97 members, 1 Kiwanis guest, and 1 speaker for a total of 99.

1.She asked those who helped with the Angel Tree to stand and thanked them.
2.She also announced that the Golden K would be having a birthday party for Kiwanis January 21, 2015.
3. She also mentioned that Kiwanis International had authorized an official commemorative birthday short sleeve shirt with your name on it that she could order for $20.00.



 The only new name on the list is Ralph Czerwinski who has had surgery on his shoulder.

The rest of you stay healthy, happy and good looking. Keith

50/50 winner

First place winner was Gary Goeken   and second place went to Earl Rudolph. Congratulations, folks.




Mike started by having us call “Hey, Jim!” on the count of three.  He knew Jim Burtschi would be in the entry room counting money and unable hear him.  In the month of November Jim spent a lot of time with the Dove Recycling Program, the Good Samaritan Inn and regular GK volunteering including being the club Treasurer.  Congratulations, Jim!





   Cheryl said that she, Gary Sickbert, and Roberta Williams helped the ATT Pioneers fitting shoes at the Pay Less Shoe Store last Thursday. We will have the clip boards on the tables to record your volunteer hours.
Dove is in need of donations to continue the coupon clipping program for military families overseas. It cost $15.90 to send a box of coupons overseas. G.K will continue to collect coupons. If you would like to donate see me.



Bill Meyer of the Early Birds was our Kiwanis guest today.

 New Member Induction

None today



Bob Bauer said the Salvation Bell ringing is coming up this weekend (12/12-13.) and he still needs a few more Ringers. We are going to have a Republican Congressman at South Shores Kroger store from 1:30 to 2:30pm. Be sure and wear your Kiwanis gear. See him if you can help.

I am so glad that
Renee was able to be here today and explain a little more about the scope of this project. We have about half of the volunteers she needs for the 8th Grade Career Fair. She asked for 14 on January 6, 7, 8, and 16 at Richland Community College. They are having their annual 8th Grade Career Fair and need volunteers on each of those days to guide students from one class room to another from 8:30am until noon. Volunteers are also asked to meet with the Career Fair Coordinator on Monday, January 5 at 10:00am in the Schrodt Health Education Center. She will show us the rooms we will cover.

Don Wenneker said that next week is pretty much filled with Salvation Army’s Toy Distributions Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the Food Distribution on Friday.

Charles said to those of you working at the Good Samaritan, the date is December 22 not December 29.


John Dunn


Maggie was tired of her husband Seamus coming home drunk and decided to scare him straight. One dark night she put on a devil costume and hid behind a tree to confront him. As Seamus staggered by she jumped out with her red horns, long tail and pitchfork.
--who are you?—Seamus slurred.
--I am the devil—Maggie screamed.
--well come on home with me—Seamus said
--I married your sister.

Children say the darndest things—

--Now who can spell the word straight--the third grade teacher asked her students.
-S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T—answered a boy in the third row.
--great job—said the teacher—do you know what it means?—
--the boy answered—without ice.

During a fire drill at the pre-school center the teacher asked—what would you do if I accidentally started a fire on the stove and your lunch was burning?—
One of the five year olds knew and said—I wouldn’t eat that lunch.

A salesman rang the bell of a suburban house and the door was opened by a nine year old boy puffing on a long black cigar. Trying to hide his amazement the salesman blurted out—Is your Mother home?—
The boy took the cigar out of his mouth, flicked some ashes on the carpet and asked--What do you think?


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