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Why Libraries are Important



  Rick has been the Decatur City Librarian since April. He grew up in Witt, Illinois and got his Bachelor’s from the U of I Springfield and Master’s from the U. of I. in Champaign. Ricked worked a few years in the Social Services field before becoming a Librarian. In his first job he was instrumental in raising 1.6 million for the library’s expansion project. Then his mother wrote that Decatur needed a new Librarian and he came home. Rick came here today to introduce himself and give us his reasons why libraries are important.

  He told us first about a new library in San Antonio, Texas that is digital only. Depending on your source it cost between 1.9 and 2.3 million to build and stock this library. That is cheap for 5,000 sq. ft. and 10,000-20,000 ebooks. They may have around 100.00 visitors/year. Interesting, but will not replace the full service existing libraries. Rick says library usage keeps climbing.

  There are several reasons libraries are important.
  1. Nothing is really free, but lots of the services come an no cost to the user of a standard library.
  2. The library serves as the local university. You can educate yourself with diligent study.
  3. Libraries are good for democracies. The written media and TV News give you their views and slants on things. The libraries serve as a corrective for that by providing balanced information.
  4. Internet organizations use you by selling you name and also using things about where and what you do online. Libraries protect your privacy.
  5. All reading is good for you whether it is light or heavy. Benefits include reducing the risk dementia and Alzheimer’s, improving concentration and reducing stress. It’s like exercise for your brain.



Today we had 98 members 1 (Bill Meyer)Kiwanis guest and 1 speaker for a total of 99.


50/50 winner

First place winner was
Ralph Czerwinski and second place went to Roy Isaacs.  Congratulations, folks.




Gary Goeken is back today.

Please take care, and stay healthy.   Keith.

 New Member Induction

None this week


 August Board Report

The Treasurer’s report has the Administrative Account with a little over $12,000.00 and the Service Account with a little over $16,000.00 in it.

Some new business was introduced when Ralph reported that Kiwanis International was advised that all clubs should have a Youth Protection Advisor.  He said that James Ward is qualified for and has accepted the position.  A motion was made that the Golden K pay the $19.95 fee for his background check. Motion carried.

Some meetings last spring have resulted in some students showing an interest and we may be having a Circle K Club soon at Millikin.

The September Board Meeting will be on the 8th.  We would like to see newly elected officers and Board members there.

Editor’s Note: The full Board Report will be sent via email.





Dan white

Kiwanis Guest Bill Meyer



Susan said we would be resuming our Back Pack program with First Presbyterian Church and Muffley School. This year we will be filling 12 backpacks for needy children with snacks to help sustain them through the weekends. We collect for the backpacks on the third Wednesday and this is the third Wednesday.
She also reminded Team “A” that they would be pulling tabs one week from tomorrow.

We also have Kiwanis gear including yellow and blue shirts. Tell us what you want and we will order it.





Joy Greive said the membership Committee would be addressing Invitations to the Breakfast after the meeting.  She said she was thinking that it seems silly to have a breakfast to recruit new members when we are getting new ones almost every day.  But then she realized it must be that we really like those big breakfasts.


Sharon Cunningham said that the next Interclub would be Wednesday, August 27 with the downtown Springfield club.  The meal is $13.00.  The meeting starts at noon so we will leave from here immediately our meeting.  After the meeting we will meet with representatives of the Children’s Miracle Network and present them with a check.


Bob Bischoff said that Peanut Days would be September 19 and 20 this year.  They will be getting signup sheets out next week.  Sign up early and often.


Al Henrich said the Rock Springs Prairie Celebration is Sept. 13 & 14 this year.  Saturday’s shift is from noon to five and Sunday’s shift is from noon to four.   Car parkers’ signup sheets will be on the table in the back.


Charles said the Meeting September 24 meeting would be for installation of officers.  Lieutenant Governor Dave Butler and Immediate Past II District Governor Patty Heath will be here to do the honors.



by John Dunn


Two brothers were living an evil life, extremely wealthy, extorting everybody they knew and doing every dirty rotten thing in life, when one of them suddenly died. The surviving brother went to the local minister and said, "Would it be alright with you if you perform the funeral of my dead brother?”

“I know we never came to your church, but if I offer you a million dollars for the church,
I will be grateful if you eulogize him and I just want you to say one thing about him,
you can say whatever else you want to say thereafter. You must refer to my departed brother as a SAINT!!"

The pastor figured out that the business deal was well worth it so he decided to go for it. He started the eulogy, and the crowd was packing the place out, listening to this, knowing the character of the fellow who is laid in the box.

In closing, the minister points to the coffin and says, "the man you are seeing lying in this coffin was a dirty, conniving, scheming, vulgar, law breaking, every rotten stinking thing that you can think of this man has done!!!. However, compared to his brother, HE IS A SAINT!!!”

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