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John was born and raised in Decatur.  He graduated from Eisenhower H.S. and studied German at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He is married with two children.  He works for the Salvation Army.

 John is the Local Representative for Support Services for Veterans and Families.  The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program is designed to assist low-income veterans and their families in obtaining and maintaining permanent stable housing.  The United States Department of Veteran Affairs awarded the grant to The Salvation Army to serve Veterans throughout the state of Illinois. 

 John is the Regional Intake Specialist for the SSVF.  John says that he was warned that “he would never have the same day twice” and has found that to be very true. They get about five new clients a month.  John interviews them and writes reports that get delivered to various agencies that deal with veterans.  The criteria for acceptance are lengthy, but it mainly depends on if you are homeless or about to become homeless.  If I understood him correctly 60% have some form of substance abuse and 40% of those have some mental issues.  The Salvation Army, SSVF, and other agencies do their best to find jobs, apartments, etc. to get them back on their feet.



Each week either Don Meyer or Dave McGlade rises to announce Birthdays and Anniversaries.  For some in Golden K this is all we know about these two remarkable members.  Now, the rest of the story:

   Don Meyer joined our club in 1999 and has volunteered at “about everything that comes up.”  He started doing birthdays and anniversaries in 2000-2001 and continues, alternating with Dave McGlade.  Don was the Kiwanian of the Year for 2002-2003, but is most proud of a plaque he received inscribed with the words “FROM HEAD TO TOE.”  This plaque was presented to Don by his friends at Golden K for his 25-years as head of the Telephone Pioneers Shoe Program.  Thank you, Don, for all your good work on behalf of kids.

   Dave McGlade joined Golden K in 2000 and has been busy ever since.  He was our song leader for two years, assisted Dean Evans with the golf outing for five years and has, with Don Meyer, announced birthdays and anniversaries since 2002-2003.  Dave has volunteered at the Angel Tree, rang the bell for the Salvation Army Red Kettle, participated in such activities as Adopt a Street, Books for Kids, Special Olympics, Seniorama, Peanut Days, Pull Tabs and many others.

      Thank you to two extraordinary gentlemen who do so much for so many so well



Last week we collected the volunteer hours for the month of June. If you were not able to turn yours in at that time, you can give them to me today. Or you can send them to me via email.




Today we had 81 members and 1 Speaker for a total of 82.



Bob Harmon is still having leg problems. He would enjoy hearing from some of us while he is home.


Dave Geibel said that July is the month that we raise funds for the Scholarship Fund. We take in a little money from you throughout the year with small donations from the 50:50 drawings etc. These are taken immediately to the DMC Community Fund and start earning interest. The Fund also got around $2,000 from the Community Fund’s investment program in the 4 months of the year. The last three years we have been able to award three $1,000.00 Scholarships.

But the intent is to keep adding to our Scholarship Fund and July is the month we give it a major shot in the arm. Starting next week Mike Longstreet and I will be sitting at the back table to give you a smile, a tax deductible receipt and a handshake.

Roberta Williams said that the Good Samaritan Inn needs two volunteers on the 9:00 to 11:00am shift the fourth Monday’s of the months. The next date is July 27. If you would like to help out with these jobs, please let Susan Rayhill know. You will be slicing and dicing.

Jack Kenny asked those that volunteered at the Sig Cup last weekend to stand recognition.

Jack also said the Tennis Tournament which we provide van drivers for will be July 31 through August 6 this year. He will have a signup sheet next week.

Susan Rayhill asked the members of Pull Tab Team “A” that worked last Thursday to stand for recognition.
She also said that she would have Kiwanis Gear here next week.

Steve Rayhill said, “Through your generosity this morning, I will be taking a box of food and $152.00 to Catholic Charities this afternoon.”

Dan mentioned three pieces of business that were voted on at the KI Convention in Indianapolis last week.
A motion to allow electronic voting for International elections did not carry. A motion to raise the dues $10.00 passed. And a motion to allow the Board to raise dues a maximum of 5% every year without voter approval did not carry.



50-50 - WINNER

First place winner was Tom McQuistion and second went to Bill Burris. Congratulations, Folks. 


Donna Kendall: Born July 6th in Decatur, Illinois. She will be 72.

Gary Wright: Born July 06 in Champaign, Illinois. He will be 64.

John Graham: Born July 9th, in Illiopolis, Illinois. He will be 93.

Jerry Groves: Born July 9th in Argenta, Illinois. He will be 81.

Chris Marshal: Born July 11th in Decatur, Illinois. She will be 55.


Florence & Don Leckrone: Married March 29, in Hessville, Indiana. This will be 57 years.

Linda & Gary Goeken: Married April 4th, in Decatur, Illinois. This will be 11 years.

Barbra & Jim Higdon: Married April 4th, in Decatur, Illinois. This will be 46 years. Anniversaries

Ethel & Bill Sly: Married July 8th, in Steelville, Illinois. This will be 53 years.

Pamela & Charles Smith: Married July 8th, in Decatur, Illinois. This will be 15 years.

Jane & Ken Toothman: Married July 8th, in Decatur, Illinois. This will be 40 years.

Dottie & Bob Smith: Married July 10th, in Spring Arbor, Michigan. This will be 61 years.





A priest and a shepherd from Australia participate in a gameshow on TV. After answering all the questions, there is a tie. Both are given one final assignment. It is to write a poem in three minutes, using the word 'Timbuktu,' a city in Africa.
The priest returns with the fruit of his inspiration:

"I was a father all my life,
I had no children, had no wife,
I read the bible through and through,
On my way to 'Timbuktu!'"

The poem makes a great impression, and the priest smells a sweet victory. But then comes the shepherd, with his poem:
"When Tim and I to Brisbane went,
We met three ladies cheap to rent,
But they were three and we were two,
So I booked one and 'Tim booked two!'"



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