It is the fourth Wednesday and that is the day we contribute to Project Eliminate.  Project Eliminates’ goal is to eradicate maternal and neonatal tetanus worldwide.   Working with UNICEF, Kiwanis Internationals’ part is 110 million and 61 million has been contributed.  This equates to 35,000,000 lives saved or protected.  The Illinois-Iowa Division has contributed 1.7 million so far and the Golden K has contributed $15,000 of that.  That $15,000 equates to almost $9,000 lives saved or protected.

 The Walter Zeller Fellowship is a prestigious award for people making significant contributions to Kiwanis International Foundation.  You can become a Walter Zeller Fellow by contributing $1250.00 to Project Eliminate.  This year the Golden K has named Virg Deemer Zeller Fellow for all the extra work he has done over the last 20 years.  A medallion, a certificate, and a pin are awarded to Fellows.  It was a wise choice and a most deserving man.  Congratulations, Virg!



Mike Heger completed the election of Susan Cunningham to fill the vacancy on the Board of Directors.


Incoming II District Lieutenant Governor David Butler relieved Helen Corcoran, Steve Rayhill, and Mike Longstreet from their duties on the Board of Directors and Susan Rayhill from her job as Assistant Secretary.  He thanked them for their service.  He then asked Cheryl Boss, Don Leckrone, Dave Geibel and Sue Betzer to stand and noted that they would be continuing to serve on the Board of Directors.  David then assigned Ralph Czerwinski to serve one year on the Board and use his experience and expertise to aid the new Board and Club President.


II District Governor Pattie Heath then gave job instructions to Incoming Vice President Bill Hogg; President Elect Dan White; President Charles Smith, and formally inducted them.  (District Lieutenant Governor Shirley Elkin passed out pins as necessary.)


So Long
By Ralph Czerwinski

While Ralph did not have to be pulled away from the podium kicking and screaming, he did take time to talk a little to us during his last official time there. He said he appreciated the opportunity to be the president and found it to be a learning experience and an enlightening experience.

He said the best thing was the opportunity to get to know the members better. He thanked the Committee Chairs, the Board members, and his fellow officers. He had a special thank you for Donna Cleland. He received two gifts. One was a small beautiful clock that Ralph can use to remind him that he doesn’t have to get up early of Wednesdays any more. The other was a tiny bell that he can use when he feels nostalgic.





Today we had 95 members, 4 Special Kiwanis guests, and 1 special guest present for a total of 100



50/50 winner

First place winner was Don Wise and second place went to Joy Greive.  Congratulations, folks.




There are no new health problems to report, but it is a great day for our table! Stan Peck is back with today! The rest of you stay healthy, and happy. Keith


 New Member Induction

None this week



Board Report


None this week






Dan white

Special Guests today included Jerry Whalen who was a guest of Stan Peck and Pam Smith who was a guest of husband Charles. Bill Meyer from the Early Birds was a Kiwanis Guest.





The Kiwanian of the Month for July is Charles Wallace.  He has his Bicycle Give Away Program and spends a lot of his time helping his church.  Congratulations, Charles!


The Kiwanian of the Month for August is Mary Marshall. The Majority of Mary’s volunteering falls under the category of helping others. She takes people to doctor appointments, runs errands, and does any other thing that needs doing for others. Congratulations, Mary!



Bob Bischoff, Peanut Days have come and one. He asked the 65 people who sold peanuts last Friday and Saturday to stand and be honored. We don’t have a final tally, but we have $4,634.00 so far. We also have some left over for the membership to buy at $5.00 a bag. It looks like we may be 10% ahead of last year.

Tom McQuistion said that 444 people attended Millikin’s Children’s Play The Planet of the Perfectly Awful People last week end. Seventy five of those were the autistic children who get in free. He thanked Sharon Cunningham and Ralph Czerwinski for helping and Bob Fallstrom for his wonderful article in the paper. He said we do not have a figure yet on the income.

Cheryl Boss said that the dictionary distribution is winding down with only two more schools to go. She read a list of 20 or so names of members who helped and said it could not have been done without them.

Pat Riley said today is the day we collect for Project Eliminate and the cans are on the tables.

Helen Corcoran said the fourth Monday Golden K serves lunch at the Good Samaritan Inn. Last Monday 10 G.K. members showed up and most of them stood and smiled as ordered.

Ralph Czerwinski related the efforts to get a Circle K club off the ground at Millikin. After some fits and starts it appears that a club at Millikin may be in the works soon.

Joe Rayhill said that Thursday, October 02 is the date for our next fundraiser at Ruby Tuesdays. GK gets 20% of the money we pay for food so take your friends, family, and/or significant other out for food and frolic. Flyers are needed.

Dan reminded us that Flu shots will be available at 8:00am, Wednesday, October 8th. Spouses are welcome. Dan also read a thank you note from the Northeast Community Fund for the $189.00 donated by G.K

by Jay Poling

The dentist tells a woman that her filling is cracked and he will have to drill it out.  The woman says, “Oh, I hate the thought of drilling on my teeth.  I would almost rather have a baby that have by teeth drilled on.

The doctor said, “Well, you will have to make up your mind.  I may have to adjust the chair.”

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