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 Carbon Sequestration


   Dr. Larrick is the Executive Director of the CCUS Education and Outreach at the National Sequestration Education Center at Richland.  CCUS stands for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage. RCC is in partnership with ADM, Illinois Geologic Survey, Schlumberger Carbon Services, and others in the largest carbon sequestration project in the country.  The goal is 1 million cubic feet/year from ADM’s ethanol plant.

   Carbon dioxide produced mainly by burning fossil fuels is bad for the atmosphere and better when it is stored deep in the earth.  Carbon is put in the ground now for two reasons.  Number one is based on economic where CO2 is pumped into depleted oil fields to get the remaining oil.  The CO2 mixes with the oil, pumped to the surface, where it is separated and pumped back down.  The other is geologic in that the CO2 is pumped 7,000 feet deep into a layer of sand with the intent to leave it there forever.  With a large storage area and three layers of cap rock, the Decatur area is ideal for carbon sequestration. The Illinois Basin is large enough to store all the CO2 that the area above it can produce in the next 400 years.

   Richland’s second role is to provide training for people entering the field.  They have several courses now that are accepted by the five major universities in the state.  A person with a two year Associate’s degree can expect to find an entry level job starting at $35,000.  A four year degree will start at $55,000.  Richland has built a whole new area on campus for carbon sequestration with class rooms, offices, visitor’s center and auditorium.

  Richland’s third role is to provide outreach.  They have been doing that with education activities at the State Fair, Farm Progress show, WAND, WSOY and many other seminars, etc.    For more information click on http://nsec.richland.edu



Today we had 98 members, 4 Kiwanis guest, and 1 speaker for a total of 103.


50/50 winner

First place winner was George Hogg and second place went to Bill Meyer.  Congratulations, Folks.



Just a reminder, Thursday, May 15 is the day we plant the flower boxes down town. Bring gloves, rakes, and trowels and do ground work for beautifying downtown Decatur this summer. We will meet at 9:00am in the Library parking lot.

We also have some new visors in blue and beige and some new Kiwanis hats coming.





There isn’t much change to report. Bob Webb, Dennis, Clark Flickinger, and Bob Fallstrom are all on a long program of recovery. They are improving and we hope to see them back in the future.

Please take care, and stay healthy.   Keith

Dan White

Bill Meyer, Ned Hawbecker, Richie Barnett, and Dave Zindel from the Early Bird Kiwanis club were here for an Interclub this morning.  They were not selling cheese this morning.  Instead they announced a pancake breakfast April 26 at Applebee’s from 8:00 – 10:00am.  Bring your wife out for pancakes and bacon for $5:00.  Tickets are limited to 300 so call Richie 423-0543 to see if any are left.     Welcome, Fellow Kiwanians!


Joy Greive said they are expecting 10-12 guest at the breakfast. Donna is preparing an informational package for them. We would still take care of any names you can come up with between now and the 30th.

Don Lekrone said we had a good turnout for the Adopt A Street program Saturday. He named the participants and asked them to stand. We picked up Oakland Street from Pershing Road to Harrison Street.

Al Hendricks said that Rock Springs Festival of Spring is coming up April 26. He could use one more volunteer for backup in case someone cancels. There will be a lot going on so gather your family and come on out.

Gary Goeken said that the Macon County Environmental Management Department will take your old paint today from 1:30-5:30pm at 1750 North 21st street. 21st street is between Garfield and Locust. There will be another in May if you don’t make this one. Gary also said all positions for Seniorama have been filled and we will be set to go.

Charles announced that the Chicago White Sox have teamed up with the Illinois-Eastern Iowa Kiwanis District for Kiwanis Grand Slam Group at the Ballpark on Friday, June 13 at 7:10p.m. against the Kansas City Royals. On this special night the White Sox would like to offer specially priced tickets to all Kiwanis clubs, their family and friends. In addition to specially-priced tickets, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase discounted Patio Party Tickets. The Patio starts 90 minutes before the game and lasts 30 minutes after the scheduled start time. The Patio menu includes a delicious all-you-can-eat menu catered by Bertucci Buffet, featuring BBQ ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, Cajun chicken, fried chicken, side salads, wine, Pepsi, and Miller beverages. See Charles if you would like to organize a party to attend this event



by Earl Rudolph.

A man takes his wife to a party, On the dance floor was a man giving it large, backflips, moonwalking, spins, breakdancing, the whole nine yards, The man’s wife speaks up, " You see him dancing? 25 years ago he asked me to marry him, but I turned him down, to which hubby replies, "Looks like he's still celebrating"!!!

  Redneck Love Poem

Susie Lee done fell in love;
She planned to marry Joe.
She was so happy ’bout it all
She told her Pappy so.

Pappy told her, “Susie gal,
You’ll have to find another.
I’d just as soon yo’ Ma don’t know,
But Joe is yo’ half-brother.”

So Susie put aside her Joe
And planned to marry Will.
But after telling Pappy this,
He said, “There’s trouble still...

You cain’t marry Will, my gal,
And please don’t tell your Mother,
But Will and Joe and several mo’
I know is yo’ half brother.”

But Mama knew and said, “My child,
Just do what makes you happy.
Marry Will or marry Joe,
You ain’t no kin to Pappy!”

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