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There are a number of projects which the members of the Noon club are involved during the yearly process of making money. These seem to be more prevalent during the fall and early winter months, making it simpler to avoid the vacation times of most members.

SWEET CORN SALE - Spring Project

The sale of Peaches & Cream sweet corn is a renewed fund raiser which both Clubs participated in some 9 or 10 years ago. This year Life Member, Paul Rauschke, offered to supply the corn from his farm near Mt. Pulaski and the members sell the corn and split with the farmer. It is a successful venture since both parties make money and the members share the fellowship of working together on the project.

PARKING CARS - Summer Project

The parking of cars at the our multiple lots has been routine for the Decatur Celebration for many years. The Decatur School District allows the use of the lot at N. Water St. and the George Olive lot across from the Masonic temple.

Kit-Kat Candy Bars - Fall Project

The use of the small Kit-Kat candy bars given to shoppers, for a monetary donation has been the 2nd best money making project in which the club is involved. The Noon club has involved many merchants, Kroger, Cubs, K-mart, and Wal-mart have been the main supporters of Decatur Noon Club with this project.

Christmas Poinsettias - Winter Project

The last major fund-raiser, the Christmas Poinsettias, started with the solicitation of companies to use the flower as gifts for their employees at Christmas time. From that evolved the over all solicitation to the community for purchase of the flower as our major moneymaker for our community service.

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